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June 07, 2022 15 people Latest news

Our trained and qualified nurses offer personalized and specialized patient Home Health Care Services, at home, hospital or at any other designated place. The nurses from Shanti Nursing Services are trained in a manner so as to ensure that the moral of the patient is always high and positive. Our nurses provide the highest quality treatment which covers – infusions, wound dressing, vital check, vaccinations, injections, catheterization and many more. As a policy, we take on board only certified and experienced nurses to ensure the best quality care at home and hospital. Our nurses communicate well and speak all regional languages. We at Shanti Nursing Services focus on delivering supreme quality and empathetic care to patients and elders. We have dedicated skilled nurses for each specialty of service. Our customized hospital care and Aayush Nursing Bureau are available offering special nursing care covering – cardiology, oncology, neurology, orthopedics, diabetes & cardiac problems, pregnancy management and many more. With customized training which is offered at our facility, our nurses have the knowledge to manage patients who suffer from all kinds of ailments. Our qualified nurses are knowledgeable, highly specialized and compassionate. Our recognized & certified nurse’s.

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